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Tonight - ShirazPetra

Aug. 17th, 2008

09:55 pm - Tonight

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Tonight I am feeling sad.
Tonight I am feeling like I don't have any friends. I feel this is partly my fault as I have been working flat out all year, but also feel that friendship is a two way thing and people can call me.
Tonight I feel like doing a Reggie Perrin but would never hurt my other half like that and couldn't bear to leave teh kittens.
Tonight I feel like saying that's it for any voluntary work. I have done enough for nothing, maybe I should become a totally self-centred, selfish person like everyone else.
Tonight I feel so lucky to have found the man I have, however many times he drives me crazy.
Tonight I wonder what happened to the year - i went freelance a year ago and I just can't believe it has disappeard so fast.
Tonight I wish Big Brother was better this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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